Private renting to shared ownership

St David's Park

How did you find out about shared ownership?

We had been in a rental home for the past six years but sadly the landlord decided to sell up which we found heart breaking and extremely stressful. As we will both be 50 in a couple of years the thought of having to go into another rental was draining, so we went online and started looking at options other than private renting and came across shared ownership and that's when we found Moat. My husband’s family are all located in Herne Bay, so St David’s Park is the perfect location for us.

How did you decide that shared ownership was right for you?

Even though we both work full-time it is extremely difficult to save for a 10% deposit when you are having to pay private rent each month.  With shared ownership it gives you security and allows you to be a homeowner without having to find such a big deposit.

When you saw your new home for the first time, how did it make you feel?

We honestly never thought we would have our own forever home and when we first saw our house, we felt so proud of ourselves and just so happy. Honestly, every day we pinch ourselves as we can't believe we have this beautiful brand-new home. We are extremely lucky.


What do you love about your new home?

What we love the most about our new home is that it's ours. We love that it is a blank canvas, and the neighbourhood is so lovely. My favourite room in the house is the kitchen. We have a table and chairs in our kitchen/diner, so we get to sit down and have dinner as a family every evening. 

What would you say to someone thinking about buying a home with shared ownership but wasn’t sure?

I would tell anyone thinking about shared ownership to go for it. The process is a little nerve wracking and a little stressful, especially waiting to hear if you have been accepted for a home but Moat was brilliant, and they kept in contact with us through the whole process. Keeley was our go to person, and she was always very friendly and happy to answer any questions we had. 

For more information about our Kent homes for shared ownership visit our county page or email

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