Shared Ownership Ashford

A collection of one, two & three bedroom shared ownership houses & apartments for sale in Ashford, Kent

Leading the race to becoming the fastest growing town in the South East, Ashford in Kent is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking for all the splendour of Kent while still being a few stops from central London. Ashford combines the scenic nature of the Kent countryside with an unbeatable transport system in and out of the London buzz, so if you simply can’t decide which pace of life you prefer, not to worry! Ashford has you covered on all fronts. 

Where is Ashford?

Ashford, located in the heart of Kent, offers an appealing blend of historical charm and modern convenience, making it an attractive destination for prospective residents. As a rapidly growing town, Ashford boasts excellent transportation links, including high-speed rail services to London and Europe, and easy access to the M20 motorway.

While London is less than a 40 minute ride on the HS1 Connection, Ashford offers village life and all its charm to feed the hungriest of souls here in the South East. The seamless connections Ashford offers from London life to the 30 minute drive to the beach, is modern living at its best. 



Living in Ashford

Ashford is so much more than simply a smart move for the commuter. Think farmers’ markets, views of rolling meadows and cosy country pubs and you’ll find yourself far removed from the capital in the wonderfully picturesque villages of Ashford.

If you’re not already captivated by the collection of castles, the proximity to the sea or the breathtaking North Downs at your doorstep, a home in Ashford caters for the modern investment-seeking professional, with all the contemporary benefits of London suburban living. Ashford Designer Outlet showcases the likes of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss - spots of shopping and a plethora of eateries offer tempting treats. 

Shared ownership in Ashford

We have homes for shared ownership to suit everyone in Ashford. From family homes in Tenterden to smart and sleek apartments close to the city centre for commuting professionals. Some of our homes in Ashford are showcased below or you can search for more homes in Ashford or Kent here

If you want to know more about shared ownership and if it is right for you, our information hub is the perfect place to start. You can also get in touch with our team who will happily answer any of your questions.

For shared ownership properties in the wider Kent area, please see our page on shared ownership Kent.



Gain Bridge Drive

Smarden, Ashford, Kent TN27 8FP

£1,633 estimated monthly cost

3 bedrooms

1 bathroom

Shares from 30%

Full market value from £450,000


Waltham Place

Ashford, Kent, TN23 5FH.

£739 estimated monthly cost

1 bedroom

1 bathroom

Shares from 75%

Full market value from £135,000


Poppy Mead

Ashford, Kent, TN23 3GL.

£845 estimated monthly cost

2 bedrooms

1 bathroom

Shares from 25%

Full market value from £250,000


Dymchurch Court

Godinton Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1DY

£1,125 estimated monthly cost

2 bedrooms

1 bathroom

Shares from 45%

Full market value from £240,000


Peter Candler Way

Kennington, Ashford, TN24 9GA

£894 estimated monthly cost

2 bedrooms

1 bathroom

Shares from 35%

Full market value from £180,000


Willow Drive

Hamstreet, Ashford, Kent TN26 2HY

£1,215 estimated monthly cost

3 bedrooms

1 bathroom

Shares from 43%

Full market value from £330,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Shared ownership offers the chance to purchase a share (generally between 25%-75%) of a house or an apartment. A 5%-10% mortgage deposit is required for the share being purchased which, in the current market, makes it possible to own a home through shared ownership.

If you don’t already own a home, live outside London and earn less that £80,000 a year, then yes you are eligible! The same applies in London but you can earn up to £90,000. For full eligibility details, please visit

Yes, if you wish to purchase a home with us, you will need a deposit for your mortgage. This will typically be 5% or 10% of the total share value and is in addition to the savings required for other home buying costs such as legal fees and mortgage arrangement fees. Please note we do not accept interest only mortgages or 100% mortgages.

Buying a new home off plan means that you commit to purchasing it whilst it’s still being constructed. You may, or may not, have an opportunity to physically view inside it before your commitment to buy it becomes a legal obligation (at the stage where you exchange contracts). Further information about buying off-plan can be found here.

Yes you can and you can do this at anytime after you have purchased your home. It is entirely up to you if you decide to staircase and purchase further shares.

You purchase additional shares at the current market value and with each staircasing transaction, your rent reduces according to the new percentage owned. When you reach 100% ownership, you no longer pay us rent, although you are still liable for service charges and ground rent (if applicable).

Resales are homes that the current owner bought through shared ownership and now wishes to sell on. It’s still the same shared ownership government-backed product but you normally purchase at least the share that the seller currently owns. Further information about resales can be found here.

You’ll be expected to provide documentation to us, your mortgage advisor / lender and your appointed solicitor. This will include: wage slips, bank statements, proof of address, details of your employment and certified identification.

There are costs associated with buying a home and these include a reservation fee, survey and mortgage arrangement fees, solicitors fees and removal costs. We recommend that you have around £5,000 to cover all of this. This is in addition to any mortgage deposit you intend to use.

Our rent is typically set at 2.75% per annum for the share you don’t own. Here’s an example: You’ve paid £90,000 for a 30% share of a home with a full market value of £300,000. The remainder still owned by us is 70%, or £210,000. We’ll charge you rent at 2.75% per annum, that equates to £5,775 over the year, or just over £480 per month. Remember that you’ll also be paying your monthly mortgage and any service charge payments.

Ground rent is a fee that is charged on leasehold (and sometimes shared ownership) homes. If you have to pay ground rent it will be a condition of your lease for the land that your home is built on. This is generally only applicable for apartments and Moat usually do not charge ground rent if we are the freeholder (this means that Moat own the land and / or apartment block). If Moat aren’t the freeholder, we do not fix the ground rent but we will collect it from you to pass onto the freeholder or landlord of the building that you live in.

These are charges payable by you as the shared owner to the landlord / freeholder for services the landlord is obliged to provide under the terms of the lease. At the time of purchase, service charges are estimates and the amount will then vary from year to year depending on services provided. The cost of these services are usually split between those living in the apartment block or on the estate. Service charges include items such as cleaning of communal areas, maintenance of communal car parks, grounds maintenance, communal lighting etc. We provide full details of all service charges to you before you buy a home with us and they are also outlined in your lease.

If you’re buying a house, it’s usually fine to bring your pets. We do have to check the lease, so please speak to us if you have pets.

Yes you can! You will need to let us know about any bigger projects such as home improvements and structural changes.

Subletting your home isn’t allowed but you can take in a lodger. We are here to help, so please get in touch if you want to speak to us about subletting.

The managing agent is the company appointed by the management company or they can be appointed by the freeholder of the building to run and manage the building and associated services. If Moat is the freeholder, we will collect service charges directly from leaseholders in accordance with the terms of the lease. If Moat is not the freeholder, we will still collect the service charges as the freeholder will collect them from us; we do not make any money from this, we are simply passing on the costs. The service charges will include management fees which are their fees for this service. This is usually only a very small element of the total service charge.

The management company are responsible for the collection of service charges and the delivery of management and maintenance services across the estate / development where you live. The role and obligations of the management company are specified in your lease or Transfer to Moat. The management company may choose to pass some or all of their responsibilities to a managing agent.

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