EWS1 Form

What is an EWS1 Form?

An EWS1 Form is an External Wall System Form and is intended to record in a consistent and universal manner what assessments have been carried out on the external wall construction (cladding, insulation etc) of residential apartment buildings. This is where the highest floor is 18 metres or more above ground level or, where specific concerns (generally from mortgage lenders) exist. The form may only be completed by a designated competent person within strictly defined criteria as set out by the UK Government. This form has been endorsed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), UK Finance and the Building Societies Association.

What does an EWS1 Form mean for the purchase or sale of my home?

Mortgage lenders are asking their valuers / surveyors to look much more closely at fire safety issues when valuing on all properties within multi-occupancy blocks. The specific focus is external wall systems and their composition including balconies plus a wider remit to include any other significant fire safety concerns. If the valuer / surveyor has concerns, then a completed EWS1 Form will be required in order for the mortgage application to continue.

Does the EWS1 Form cover general fire safety measures?

No, it is about the external wall system and is an assessment to allow lenders to offer mortgages. It is not designed to assess other fire safety risks. The owner / freeholder of the building should have a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) for the building as this is an independent legal requirement that is already in place and does not commonly incorporate assessment of external wall materials.

If you have any further questions regarding ESW1 Forms, please speak to your Sales Executive or Resales Officer.

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