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Shared Ownership in Ebbsfleet

Nestled within the lush Valleys of the River Thames, just South East of the larger, louder City of London, Ebbsfleet is a homeowner’s haven and the perfect place to settle down. On the cusp of Dartford and decorated with the estuaries of the Thames, Ebbsfleet is the perfect escape for the city commuter. With its newly built, freshly landscaped villages and growing amenities and cultural facilities, Ebbsfleet Garden City is a pocket of peace amongst the busy boroughs of London. Sandwiched between the tranquil countrysides of Kent and the buzzing cosmopolis of the UK’s biggest and brightest city, new homes in Ebbsfleet allows you to dip in and out of both scenes with the convenience of a train ticket.

Ebbsfleet Garden City: A commuter’s paradise

If there’s anything Ebbsfleet has truly swept the board with it’s the swift, simple transport links. Whether you’re hopping on the Eurostar for a weekend à Paris, popping to Bluewater for a spot of shopping or a beach day on the Kent Coastline, Ebbsfleet has you covered. Commuters to the city will also find for the price of a one-bedroom apartment in London, you can get comfy in a 3 bedroom house in Ebbsfleet and enjoy all village life has to offer. Ebbsfleet is a Garden City that allows you to take life at the pace you are most comfortable with. So whether you’re a 5 am jog in the park kind of get up-and-goer or a late riser who enjoys a mid-afternoon stroll, Ebbsfleet definitely delivers.

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Shared ownership explained

Shared Ownership is an affordable way for people to be able to own their own home outright by initially owning just a share of the overall property, the remaining share being owned by Moat Homes. Over time you have the option to own your home fully by a part buy / part rent schema, this means you pay the share you own and another part of your payment is paid to Moat Homes as subsidised rent. Through a process called "staircasing" you can then over time pay off the remaining share owned by Moat Homes and eventually own 100% of your own home.

What are the benefits of shared ownership?

Through "staircasing" you are able to enter the property market with a much lower deposit and compared to buying 100% of your home upfront the scheme likely means that you will pay a much lower fee each month due to the subsidised rent part of the payment. This makes Shared Ownership an affordable way for you to own your own home.

Is shared ownership for me?

It could be for you if you are unable to fully afford to buy 100% of the home yourself upfront. There are a few things that you need to consider first though such as you must have a household income of £80,000 per annum or more, you must also not currently own a property and for the purpose of conveyancing and general moving feed should have savings of about £4000 available. What Shared Ownership does is gives you and other people in a similar position to your own an affordable way to join the property ladder.

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