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As a single mum-of-two in rented accommodation, Tracy looked forward to the stability a home of her own would bring. When the hospital she worked in announced a shared ownership scheme solely for key workers, she jumped at the chance to buy shares in a property nearby.

 After fifteen years living in her house in Gillingham, she recently took the steps to staircase to 100% ownership of her house, giving her the security she’s always wanted for her family.

Tracy was working as a secretary in A&E when she found out about the Starter Homes Initiative, a scheme helping key workers purchase affordable first homes. With a little help from her close colleague, Tracy managed to put a payment down to secure a nearby house through shared ownership with Moat. Although the main attraction was the proximity to work, it was an added bonus that Tracy liked the area and felt like the home could be made into her own. 

Since she bought her first share in 2006, Tracy has married and has gone on to purchase the remaining shares in her home - a process known as ‘staircasing’: “There has been such comfort in having a shared ownership home – Moat has always supported me when I’ve needed it. Now my children have grown up and we are in a better position financially, we thought it was the right time to staircase to own 100% of our house. This has made a complete difference to our lives - having full ownership of our own home has given us complete security.”

Tracy was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward the staircasing process was for her. After filling in an online form and supporting documents, the rest of the work was taken care of by Moat and her solicitors. She said: “I’m so glad I’ve been able to do this now. I’m really thankful for Moat, we’d have never been able to do this without the shared ownership programme.”

For more information about our Kent homes for shared ownership visit our county pages or email

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