Shared Ownership Gravesend, Gravesham



Nestled along the estuary of the river Thames, Gravesham is a well connected location making waves on the property market. At Moat, we aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to become homeowners and Gravesham is just one opportunity in the South East helping first-time buyers get onto the property ladder within easy access of the capital.

Beguiling history in Gravesham

With its 18th century architecture, expanses of green space and the sprinkling of stately homes, there is something quite unique about this North Kent locality. Home to its biggest town, Gravesend, this ancient town is far more exciting than its name suggests. From its old town of higgledy streets and the 18th-century market halls tumbling down to the Thames, Gravesend is charmed by the historical context and mercantile trade still awash on this Thames dockland. Nearby, the beautiful greenery of Shorne Woods Country Park capture kids’ attention with treasure hunt trails, coupled with Cyclopark’s skateparks, BMX tracks and mountain bike trails.

A future in Shared Ownership 

Shared ownership, otherwise known as part buy part rent, is one of the most affordable home ownership options available. It is particularly helpful for first-time buyers, providing a realistic option to get on the property ladder in desirable areas such as Gravesham, Kent. Cutting out the hefty deposits and ensuring you don’t have to compromise on quality or size, shared ownership is created with first-time buyers in mind. And with everything from city apartments to family homes, whether it be in Gravesham or the variety of London Boroughs, secure your dream home through shared ownership with Moat.

For shared ownership properties in the wider Kent area, please see our page shared ownership Kent.

Gravesend & Gravesham shared ownership Benefits

The goverment-backed shared ownership scheme is one of the most affordable, flexible ways of getting on the property ladder.  Shares of a new home can be bought, typically between 25% and 75%, with subsidised rent being paid to the housing association on the remaining share. If you are unable to buy a home outright or afford a deposit on a full mortgage, shared ownership homes are the ideal option. 

Is Gravesend & Gravesham shared ownership for me?

If you are unable to afford the full deposit or monthly repayments then yes this scheme is for you. There are a few stipulations though, namely, you cannot currently own a property, you need to have a household income of more than £80k per annum. You should also be prepared for the costs involved with buying a home and for this we recommend you have around £4000. This is currently the best route that enable people to enter onto the property ladder.

Staircasing in Gravesham

With a shared ownership property, it is possible over time to buy more of your home, this process is known as staircasing.  Everytime you wish to buy a larger share of your property, you can buy as little as 10% per transaction, which is bought at the current market value, however most people tend to buy larger shares during a staircasing transaction. The full staircasing process is limited to three transactions in total, once you reach 100% shares, you will be the sole owner of your own home. As you own the property outright, from this point onwards rent will no longer be payable. 

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