Shared Ownership in Sevenoaks


A collection of one bedroom homes for sale in Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks is a comfortable corner of Kent just 25 minutes from London, boasting a quaint character and enchanting outdoor spaces. With a whole host of amenities along with the vast acres of parks and open space, there’s no question why Sevenoaks is ranked as one of the best places to live in the UK and is quickly taking the property market by storm.

Countryside calm, city charm

With views of dew-kissed parks on early mornings and glass-clear waterways tickled by weeping willows, Sevenoaks is romantic if not only for its natural beauty. Knole Park is a Sevenoaks landscape typical of all the charms of the Kent countryside. Feeling a lifetime away from the big city, Sevenoaks is an escape with everything you could need right there. Home to its very own town centre with a slightly different pace of life, shopping, food and leisure in the centre of Sevenoaks is something of a laidback and pleasurable excursion. With all your favourite high street stores, there's something about the tudoresque architecture that infuses culture and curiosity. And with its number of independent cafes and restaurants this town has certainly carved out its own identity in a perfect blend of rural and urban life.

Family Friendly in all the Best Ways

One thing Sevenoaks delivers on is what it offers the newest generation of residents. Sevenoaks is home to some world class schools including one of the oldest non-denominational schools in the United Kingdom, the historic Sevenoaks School. When it comes to family downtime, Sevenoaks is also home to the Eagle heights Wildlife reserve for some big bird attractions and the Kent Wildlife Trust decorated in lakes, ponds and waterways for blissful walks along the banks. Chartwell Stately Home is also a magnificent day out, home to Winston Churchill and enveloped in ornate gardens and breathtaking scenery, it's no surprise this was an inspiration for many novelists and poets who visited.

At Home in Quinton Court

Should Sevenoaks have inspired you to look a little closer at what might be on offer, Quinton Court is a remarkable opportunity. Built by Berkeley Homes, these open plan homes feature integrated kitchens, bespoke finishes, luxury bathrooms and relaxing outdoor space. Offering superlative luxury, this stunning apartment complex puts you at the heart of everything Sevenoaks has to offer. Situated within walking distance to Sevenoaks train station and Knole Park, Quinton Court is a unique opportunity for first-time buyers to own a stunning one bedroom apartment in the heart of the North Downs, reap all the benefits this suburban jewel promises its residents.

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Shared ownership explained

Buying a Moat shared ownership home means that you own a share of your new home and pay rent to Moat on the remaining share, otherwise know as part buy part rent. For example, you may buy a 25% share in one of our new homes and pay subsidised rent to Moat on the remaining 75% (plus service charge). Staircasing gives you the option to increase your shares  until you own the property outright.

What are the benefits of shared ownership?

You own as much of your home as you can afford and you can buy a larger share if and when you’re able to, through a process called staircasing. Compared to renting, your monthly mortgage plus rent can work out less and of course you have something to show for it, as you own a part of your home. Compared to outright sale, you'll need less in savings as you'll be putting down a deposit on a share of the property.​

Is shared ownership for me?

Shared ownership is designed for people who aren't able to afford a first home. You must not currently own a property and have a total household income of £80,000 or less. We recommend you have around £4,000 in savings to cover the costs involved in buying a new home and moving into it. Shared ownership offers an affordable route onto the property ladder.​

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